Our Purpose

A Cleaner World Comes Closer.

About Quality Wipes

Quality wipes stands out among the competitors by providing a wide array of products with unique functionality. From Baby range to Anti-bacterial we cover it all, But we mostly stand out because of our customization factor. Attending to the innovative needs of our customers based on their preferences is what we are best at. We pay detailed attention and create the product according to the customer’s preference. Innovation is the core aspect of quality wipes. We provide customers with unique bio-degradable, Herbal, and any other kind of customization requirement that they might need.

Established in 2013, we have been serving clients with perfection. Driven by our customer’s satisfaction, we maintain the highest standards to provide our clients with the absolute best. We are the leading manufacturer of refreshing anti-bacterial wet towels and wet wipes in the UAE and are currently dealing with more than 350 restaurants, cafes, airlines, and hotels globally. Quality wipes is associated with big names like Unilever, Himalaya, Dabur, KFC , Saudi Airways, Disney, Cartoon Network and many more.

We have new brands joining our index over time and we ensure to serve them with the finest quality .

Personal hygiene has taken a central stage as people continuously are exposed to all kinds of environments and natural elements. In recent years, a highly diverse range of disposable personal hygiene products including wet wipes products have become available.



Busy lifestyles created by daily commute, job pressures, increased domestic activities and an overall faster pace of life, mean that many people find themselves pressed for time, wipes allow them to perform daily tasks in substantially less time.


And so we at Qualitywipes are #YourAllDayCompanion.