A Cleaner World Comes Closer

Personal hygiene has taken a central stage as people continuously are exposed to all kinds of environments and natural elements. In recent years, a highly diverse range of disposable personal hygiene products including wet wipes products have become available. Busy lifestyles created by daily commute, job pressures, increased domestic activities and an overall faster pace of life, mean that many people find themselves pressed for time; wipes allow them to perform daily tasks in substantially less time.



Make All Day Wipes an essential part of the everyday hygiene for you and the whole family. They are created to gently clean and refresh the skin without making it dry. Perfectly refreshing and effectively neutralizing body odour, All Day Wipes keeps the natural pH of the skin, keeping it tenderly clean even in the most sensitive areas.

Mother and Baby Care

All Day wipes have been conceived with a thorough understanding of the sensitive nature of baby skin. Our Mother & Baby care division ensures that all our baby care products are developed to be kind and gentle to young skin and formulated with only the mildest ingredients. All Day baby wipes microbiologically tested and alcohol-free products.

Convenience Wipes

Perfectly suited to modern lifestyles, All Day Wipes are created to be your companion when you are in the fast lanes of life. Keep them handy to keep you clean, refreshed and pleasant. These antibacterial wipes help to sanitize and also provide an easy way to maintain clean hands more effectively. Antibacterial agents help reduce the spread of microbes contaminated from public places.